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Разжалованный. Фильм. Феникс Кино. Военная драма

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Опубликовано: 2013-07-10T16:14:37.000Z

Продолжительность: 01:32:16

43 год. Бои под Вязьмой.
Молодой командир взвода отказывается выполнить приказ - вести атаку «в лоб», вести людей на верную смерть, на пулеметы противника. Командир батальона срывает с него погоны и отправляет его под конвоем в дивизионный трибунал.
Война повсюду. Их путь лежит через госпиталь, оставшийся без прикрытия. Разжалованный с конвоем отважно принимают неравный бой...
ТЭФИ за лучший телевизионный художественный фильм, минисериал
ТЭФИ за лучший сценарий
Специальный приз «за воплощение темы нравственной красоты человека» и приз зрительских симпатий на международном фестивале военно-патриотического фильма «Волоколамский рубеж»
Приз за лучшую режиссуру Ульяновского фестиваля им. Валентины Леонтьевой «От всей души»
Приз за лучшую операторскую работу на междунородном кинотелефоруме «Вместе»
Призы международного фестиваля актеров кино:
Филиппу Бажину за лучший мужской дебют
Андрею Межулису за лучшую мужскую эпизодическую роль
Нине Лапшиной за лучшую женскую эпизодическую роль
Жанр: военная драма
В ролях: Александр Михайлов, Никита Тезин, Филлип Бажин
Субтитры: Русский, English
Разжалованный. Фильм. Феникс Кино. Военная драма
Канал "Феникс Кино" на портале YouTube.

Канал "Феникс Кино"
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Телеканал "Феникс Плюс Кино"

Fenix Kino in English / Наш канал на английском языке

PHOENIX-FILM presents In memory of our fathers and grandfathers Alexander Mikhailov Nikita Tezin Philip Bazhin Olga Lapshina Andrei Mezhulis, Denis Karasev, Mikhail Solodko, Marina Kudelinskaya In a film by Vladimir Tumayev DEGRADED OFFICER Written by Natalia Portnova Director of Photography Dmitry Kuvshinov.

Production Designers Felix Rostotsky Rostislav Zakrochinsky Music by Maxim Koshevarov General Producer Olga Maneeva I've imposed a punishment upon the platoon commander. He and his platoon will stand in formation all night long! Got it? I don't care for your papers! But still there is a fact, Battalion Commander! And this fact became known to the military counterintelligence. That's why there came the investigator,.

To examine the fact of disobeying. Am I right, Lieutenant? - Yes, sir. - It's all a load of shit. Let them send here the anti-retreat units and act according to Order No. 227! It's not my business to deal with him. My job is to fight, right? We fought our way forward for 3 km from the front line and took two commanding heights. So Dismissed..

You and your services to the State. Your enormous ones! We should probably write you up for a decoration for such success. Help yourself. But what about yesterday's attack or, rather, a retreat? The platoon which was to neutralize a firing point didn't even leave the trenches. They send rookies here. Some shitty kids..

That luff just chickened out and failed to lead the platoon - - should I shoot him for that? - Take some measures at least. Well, Iíll take some measures, and what? I have 40 percent of the battalion's personnel - - who will fight then? - So what? My battalion can't hold the front-line all alone! You're not to hold the front-line all alone! You have facts of moral degradation and cowardice! Junior officers disregard orders. The situation is disastrous. If you take no action, Battalion Commander,.

Investigator will take some action against you. Am I right, Lieutenant? Yeah. Yes, sir. To take action, eh... - Where is he going? - Come on! - Turn right. - All right. Well, why do you get so righteous, eh? - You're an eager beaver now? - Iím saving your hide, idiot. If this rookie stays here and starts to investigate - - you are a goner. - So you are..

I'll show you! Battalion Commander!.. Platoon, attention! Captain, your coat!.. Do you call that being at attention? It concerns everyone! Platoon, Attention! Stand in line! Hey, get back in line! Platoon Commander, come up to me! You have let your men loose, as I can see. Hardly have you came to the front, you forgot about army rules!.

What was your yesterday's order? Your order was to attack! But what happened? You stayed in the trenches. What is your name? Why didn't you lead the platoon, bastard? I ordered my men to stay and wait for artillery support. - What support? - Support by artillery. Any infantry attack on fortified positions should be proceeded by an artillery preparatory bombardment aimed at neutralization of machine gun nests and artillery of the enemy..

Thus is written in Field Service Regulations. In order to avoid unnecessary losses. What a bastard you are! Damn, it's not loaded. Comrades! Soldiers! Any disobeying of the battalion commanderís orders will be severely punished. But there will be no arbitrariness though. Your platoon commander has committed a war crime. Being a coward, he failed to carry out the order.

That is regarded as high treason. He is to be court-martialed and the tribunal's decision will be completely clear - ignominious death and shame on the traitor's family. His mother, father and all his relatives will bear his stigma of a traitor and a war criminal until the end of their days. It concerns all of you, soldiers. You also have mothers, wives, and children back at home, and they could pay for your cowardice and crimes..

Remember that. If someone else once more... at least one bastard... I'll shoot him with my own hands. Is it clear? "Degraded" is spelled with "e". Correct it. If you have doubts about spelling some words, ask me. You are just starting your service and shouldnít make mistakes, neither grammar, nor political ones,.

You Junior Lieutenant. We denounce arbitrary actions, all people are equal before the law. It applies to infantrymen as well as to officers of military justice and counterintelligence. You are to convoy the degraded one to the Division HQ and bring his case before the Military Tribunal. It will be the result of your investigation on the spot and your first serious assignment. From the way you deal with it.

Your superiors will conclude whether you are politically fit to offer yourself up as a leader and what important party assignments - you can carry out in the future. - Iíll justify their trust. How long at the front-line? Three days. I see. I thought I was dead. You are. Keep the straps..

Whose are they? Yours. - Who are you? - I am a watchman. I watch you so that you cannot resurrect. Come on. Sit and donít move. I'm not kidding. Iím ordered to guard you until they send you off to the Military Tribunal. And I do obey orders..

So you sit and donít move. I donít want to run after you. Why the Tribunal? I'm not guilty. What's the difference? - Should I date it today? - Yes, today. Let me take a look. Here you are. Report from the Junior LieutenantÖ Army Criminal InvestigationÖ 369th Infantry DivisionÖ ìdegradedî -.

That's more like it. Now you can escort the prisoner to the Tribunalís location. I thought you would call a car. A carÖ to escort a lieutenant? - A degraded lieutenant? - Well, yes. Well, you see if youíll ever have a chance to escort a divisional commander then you may call for a car..

But now you go on foot. Well, I've never been here before, and Iím not aÖ - Though I have a map. - All the better. - Can you shoot a gun? - Yes, of course. - But Iíve neverÖ - I see. Well, come with me. - When you joined our Division? - Three days ago. - Your first time in the trenches? - Yes, sir. Well, I actually wanted to serve in combat units but the Komsomol recommended me to join the Military Justice..

It's also very important, isnít it? Yes, it's very important. Take out your map. This is my reportÖ Show me the location of the Division Headquarters. Well, we areÖ we are at this point and the HQÖ right here. - We need to get here. - Show the direction. WellÖ.

In what direction will you lead the degraded officer? - Over there. - Very nice. In 15 minutes you will end up in the middle of German troops. Sorry, I've not found my bearings yet. This is the front-line, Comrade Investigator. Now the Germans are here, then we are here, and vice versa. The front-line is sliced like that. Take it into consideration, Comrade Investigator. May I address you, Captain? You donít. Take off the shoulder belt..

- May we go, Captain? - You may. How old are you? - Yes, sir. - Wait. How old are you. - Sixty. - Why in a combat unit? I got here from volunteer corps. Is anybody here older than you? Iím not sure about the battalion as a wholeÖ - but in my company it looks likeÖ - Okay. - May we go? - No. Take out the map and hand it to him. Where we are at present?.

Right here. Where is the Division HQ? Over there. - You learned it from the map? - No. Why need a map if Iíve crawled these places on my stomach? - Good. - May we go? Wait. You will escort the prisoner. Go get your food rations for an officer and two men. I will inform the Division HQ that you have left. Listen, Captain, I thought that weÖ.

May I speak to you in private? I need at least two soldiers. - One is enough. - But he's quite old! What if the prisoner runs away? You should do everything he could not. Otherwise you will be court-martialed yourself. Good luck! Put yourself into order. CaptainÖ Why do you stand? Where is the logistics platoon?.

- What? - Where is your kitchen? - Over there. - Lead us there, time is short. - Yes, sir. - Stop! He goes first, you follow after, I close the file. Well, let's go. You will be shot if you try to escape. - Who are you speaking to? - Him. And you, too. Stop talking by the way! Yes, sir. Wait here..

- Keep an eye on him. - Yes, sir. We need three daily rations - for an officer and two privates. We donít keep officers rations here. - One should go to the staff dugout. - Go then! - Quick! We have no time. - Yes, sir. Is the lieutenant in much a hurry to be dispatched? - It seems he does not. - Silence! You could at least feed him before death. - Who said that? - Itís me. Right here I am..

Now I could have been lying killed right over there, see? But Iím still alive because he told us to stay in the trench until the artillery bombardment. So I stayed. I might go all through the war now, but he can be shot tomorrow. Is it fair? You all didnít obey orders. I obeyed. He told me not to die. Told me to live. So I do live. Thatís why I want him to eat well.

- and you donít offend him. - What's your name? I have no name. Itís for the Lieutenant. Hey, man, have a bite! Hey, soldier! WellÖ have some porridge. Here you are. - Let me have it too. - Okay. Another helping. Here you are. Let me pass, guys..

This is for you, this is for men. - RoseÖ - Itís milk. Nice life, eh? Make way. He goes first, you follow after - quick match! Donít be afraid, man. Permission to speak, Captain? We tried to call the Division HQ, but they donít answer. Try on. Report when you manage to reach them. - Where is that one? - Who?.

The fucking investigator. Heís escorting the prisoner to the Division HQ. Itís the last time I am shielding you. The next time you yourself will go there under escort. I feel sorry for him. He's a fledgling. Sorry? Youíd better feel sorry for yourself. Why? It's all the same to me now. Wait..

I think we should turn left. No, go straight. Right you are, Lieutenant. - Forward march! - Come on. Wait. Letís have a rest for ten minutes. - Private! - Yes, sir. - Keep an eye on the prisoner. - Yes, sir. I will do. I need to go over there for a moment..

Do you chew bast? Tell me, will the Tribunal listen me out? Will they want to hear what really happened there, and - why I didnít lead the soldiers. - Youíve chickened out. No, I'm not a coward. I had only fourteen men left, out of thirty. Well, they sat in the trenchesÖ Had I ordered them to go forward they would have been dead. We were thoroughly exposed before Germans, as on a shooting range..

How could I seize the height with 14 men armed with rifles? Tell me how? How? No way. We needed either artillery fire or some flanking attack but I was ordered just to rush forwardÖ Donít they care at all? Thatís what you want to tell the Tribunal? - Yes. - Well, try it. - Will they take it into account? - They wonít listen to you..

Theyíll read the report and put you up against the wall. Why? For what? They must judge fairly and take it all in. They must summon my soldiers as witnesses. Youíll never be old, man, though it's time to be grown-up. They wonít take it all in. Why? Why should I be shot? They could send me to a penal battalion.

Where at least I could be useful. You have anybody left at home? Your wife? No wife. I kissed only once at school, at the graduation ball. But she slapped my face. It hurt. She was so peppy. She told my sister that she liked me. You have a sister? Yes, my sister and mother. And they will know about me?.

Sure. What a shame! I'll write them a letter right now. - And youíll send it, okay? - Okay. Write it. Keep it. The address is in. I think you should shoot at me if anything. What if anything? You see I want to die in battle and kill one fascist at least. I can blow up a tank with grenades on my belt. So you act depending on situation..

- Only send my letter. - Want to flee? I do. You must shoot and what will be, will be. If I survive Iíll reach our trenches and die in the first attack. I wonít shoot at you. You may flee if you want. JustÖ well, itís your business. If you wonít shoot youíll be court- martialed too. Yes. Me and him. Him for sure. What the hell! I saved my men but I am to kill you..

Stand up! Now! I said stand up! I order you to stand up. Now! Upon arrival at the Division HQ you will be put under arrest - until further proceedings - for violation of military rules. Youíre forbidden to speak to the prisoner! Prohibited by military rules! I saw everything. - My fault, Lieutenant. - Your fault?.

Whatever you have schemed to do you should know that the Division HQ is informed that we have left two hours ago. So if we donít come in time it means youíve committed an act of subversion. And even if I am killed you will be pursued and found and punished - is it clear to you? Heís old enough to be your father. Stop shouting at him! Shut up or Iíll shoot you! - For what? - For disobeying the order..

- There was no order. - Shut up! - Got it? - No, I didn't. Well, Lieutenant, I am ordered to take the prisoner to the Division HQ at the disposal of the Tribunal alive. Iím going to do it, and I propose to move on so as to get there before dark. It's better this way. Come on! Quick march!.

There was a German hospital here. Where have you brought us? We are moving to the Division HQ, Lieutenant. Through German positions? Where are we? In the enemy's rear? You said you knew these places. It happens. Yesterday it was the Germans rear, today itís ours. - Look what tools... - What are you doing? Marauding? When a trophy brigade reaches here thereíll be nothing left..

And there are valuable things here. Look. As you were! I said as you were! Are you going to obey my order? Please, wait. If you donít obey my order immediately, - I'll shoot you! - Just try it. - Drop your rifle! - Drop your gun. Stop it. Iíll send him to the devil now! I have nothing to lose. - I will send you to the devil! - Come on!.

Drop your weapons both of you. You have anything else to do? Iím tired of you, kids. Youíre too fresh here to send people to the devil. Have you ever shot a man when not in battle? Answer! - No. - And you? - No, but I... - Stop fighting like two cocks. Letís go. We have little time. I said stop marauding! Stop it! These German medical instruments.

Could be very useful in some of our hospitals. We can leave it at the HQ, Lieutenant. - Can we be there in time? - We'll make it. Put two fingers deeper in your mouth, Lieutenant. PrisonerÖ Prisoner! Where is your rifle? - Huh? - He took it. - What is this? - Itís a German one. Damn!.

Stop right there! I said stop! You won't go far! Hold it! Stop or Iím shooting! He ran away after all. I'll find you no matter where! Do you hear me? Come back until it's too late! This is an order! I forgive you. You won't get away from me!.

Come back, you bastard! He ran away. How could this happen? I am sorry, Lieutenant. It's you who let him go. You willfully gave him your rifle. You incited him to do this. No, sir. - Can we run him down? - No, not really. So... we have to move quick to the Division HQ.

And report that the criminal escaped. And you will be sent under arrest for treason, for the loss of weapons and for criminal conspiracy. Is it clear to you? - My fault, Lieutenant. - Your fault? What if Iíll be court-martialed too because of you? - It would be your fault again? - Such is my soldierís lot. - Iím sorry, and that's that! - You would be shot too. - Probably. - Your family would perish in camps..

I have no family. I will write a report about it stating in detail how you handed him your rifle and left him unguarded. I amÖ I could shoot you of course on the spot but I take the decision to let you live. - Lynching is not our method. - Well, you can know best. You... What's going on? Why do you keep so silent? What are you doing?.

- Nothing. Now it's all right. - What do you mean it's all right? Well, letís go, Lieutenant. - Where to? - To the Division HQ. I wonít go. I wonít go without the prisoner. Itís up to you. I go alone. Hey, listen! Hey, listen! Iím addressing you, Comrade! Wait! Donít touch it..

It's none of your business. - Who are you? - I fight as a partisan. - Letís go. - Where? To my place. - Are you alone? - Yes. - Come on, move! - Why alone? Where are your comrades? Wait. We are here. Get in..

Get in, Iím telling you! Why did you attack me? Isnít it clear that Iím Russian? I donít care who you are. Sit and be silent. The lard is filthy. It stinks. What a grub they feed you with! What do you eat here? Cakes? I eat meat..

Wait. Can there be the Germans beyond the forest? Sure they can be. We come, they retreat. We retreat, they come. Thatís how we mark time here. Maybe weíd wait until evening? Yes, but youíre in a hurry to get to your Tribunal. Skip it! Yes, I amÖ was in a hurry. - I am doing my duty. - You do it well. There was one to be shot, now there are two of us..

What do you mean? And why we gonna be shot? This case will come to trial. You said that loss of weapons was punished with shooting. - I did. - Then no long trial. - We both are to be shot. - Why am I to be shot? The Tribunal is a court of justice. Itís your Commander who shoots men without investigation or trial, but at the trial you can always say a few words for yourself. Can't you?.

Theyíll shoot us anyway. No! I will write a report how it happenedÖ how youÖ - ...about it all. - As an officer you can write it but it won't help. Maybe we have a bite? I order to make a halt, soldier. - Make a fire. Do it! - Yes, sir. Theyíll shoot us anyway. Letís see where we can make a fire, Lieutenant. Iím thirsty..

Thereís some water in the corner. I'm leaving. I ain't letting you go. Did I feed you for nothing? What do you mean - your ain't letting me go? I must go and I will go. Try it. You thought I'll let you go just like this? What am I going to eat then?.

Put the can to warm it up. Closer to the fire. Thatís it. Well, I still have some bread and cigarettes. Oh, a piece of bacon. Can I have a cigarette from you, Lieutenant? Here you go. Why did you go to the front? You are too old for that. What fun is it to stay at home? I volunteered..

Do you have children? - No, I have nobody. - Are they dead or missing? I can make inquiries about them. Youíd better make inquiries about yourself. I am not guilty of anything. Well, was your prisoner guilty of anything? Yes. Well, I think theyíll examine it thoroughly. You have a paper in your map case. Having written it you passed a sentence and imposed a penalty on him..

I had to. Itís my service. Such are my duties. How do you know about my report in the map case? I know a good deal. I'm tired of you, Lieutenant. The can doesnít sizzle. Turn it round. Well, but what if I am court-martialed? They'll tell my mother that I'm a criminal? Certainly. Theyíll send a notice. Iíll write a letter to her!.

That's right. Dear Mom... Well, the fire is put out. Letís go. - What do you want? - Oh, sonny! My son! My son came back home. I told that Rogozinís wife: ìHeíll come and make it hot for you!î That snake was pointing at us, she was pointingÖ That Commander only askedÖ and she started pointing, that bitch!.

While Lyosha was here, she was bowing low to him, but now she was pointingÖ How could it be that I didnít expect to meet you? My Petrusha came back. My fianceÖ I failed to wait for you. I got married. I thought you were dead..

But you are alive, my Petrusha. Youíre confusing me with somebody else My heart, as you went to the Civil War there was no news from you. I thought you were dead. I mourned and wept a lot. Then I got engaged and married. My son was born then. A good boy. Iëm waiting for him now. He must soon be back..

Heís gone to the forest. The Germans left, and he has gone to the forest too. My husband, Grigorievís his name, do you remember him? He was having a burr and a club foot. You were teasing him then. Letís go. He is not jealous. Please, come to our place. He refused to go into the house..

He stays out and wants to catch a cold. Ask him to go in. Well, Petrusha dear, come on. He took off his felt boots again. Itís always a lot of pains with him. He has always been so stubborn. As he grows old he never stops arguing with me. Is it good to stay out barefoot? Put on your boots! Your feet are quite cold! Who did it, the Germans? The Germans have gone altogether..

And my son went with them. Our officer has been coming here, such a good and cheerful young man. He asked who had been serving fascists here. And now that Rogozinís wife started pointing at us. My husband was afraid that she would point at our son and he cried out: ìIt was me!î Very funny it is because who will ever trust him, that old stupid wreck? They all have left but he still doesnít want to go home..

What is there to be done? Tell him, Petrusha, to go home. - I am not Petrusha. - He will listen to you. He was rather afraid of you when you were kids. Petrusha, come. The potatoes are still hot, right from the oven. - When was our officer here? - Oh, quite recently - That Rogozinís wife wasÖ - Have you got a spade?.

I do, but what for? I need a spade. As you say. Iíll bring it. Wait! - What? - Footprints. - So what? - What if it is him? Follow me! Yes, itís him. Itís him..

What have you got there? - Straps. - I knew it. Now I will shoot you right here. You wonít flee again. Thereís no need to escort you further. For trying to escape you must be executed on the spot! On the spot, you get it? Donít hurt my Petrusha! You go off! Go off! Stand still! Donít move! Clear? He is my fiance back home!.

Donít shoot at her, Lieutenant. Donít take a sin upon your soul. Who is she to you? - Nobody. - She calls you her fiance, why? Donít touch my PetrushaÖ - Give me a hand. - All right. Who hanged him ñ ours or the Germans? Ours. Her son was a headman under the Nazis. And she went mad. I repeat who is she to you? I wonder how the earth holds such idiots!.

It holds everybody. Hold the body tight. Like this. I go off. - Haven't you wandered enough? - Forgive me if you can. I can but what a soldier you are if you donít obey orders? I went to serve my Homeland, as for obeyingÖ Hereís nobody I can obey..

Itís my life and I will deal with it myself. Goodbye, bastard! Well, stop! Stop I said. You think I'm kidding? You think you can do all you want? You both are treating the State authority like dirt! Stop I said. Freeze! What have you done? MomÖ I didnít want to. Oh!...

The bullet went right through. It didnít even graze the bone. Be patient, man. I was aiming at his foot. - I just shotÖ - Kill me, you fascist. - Calm down. - May I help you? You helped enough. Be patient. Come, come. Wait. Iím telling you for the hundredth time -.

- donít follow us! - I'm looking for my son. - Come back home. - He left to the forest. - Havenít you seen him? - No. Repeats it like a parrot. Let her be, Lieutenant. Come on. Thereís a handcar here. Letís put it back on the rails. Come on. Push. Donít get on my nerves..

It doesnít work. Let go of it. What a fool I was to become so sentimentalÖ I took pity on her. By now, I could have been at the front-lineÖ You couldÖ you couldÖ - another parrot here! There are things much stronger than you and me, man. Youíre speaking about death? I thought about it. Not about death. Iím speaking about living..

Sometimes itÖ Sometimes what? Sometimes itís more difficult than to be dead. My father used to recite: It's not difficult to die in this life. But to make your lifeÖ it is more difficult or complicated - I don't remember exactly. - You know this verse? - I know..

- Is your father alive? - Got frozen to death in snow. Was he a drinker? He liked a drink. Oi-da, donít you stand On a steep rock. Oi-da, donít you go down To the blue sea. Oi-da, donít you go down To the blue sea. Oi-da, on the blue sea.

There sails a boat. Oi-da, on the blue sea There sails a boat. Oi-da, there sails a boat, Waves rock it about. Your hand. Well, there we are! - Finally. - Go give your report. I know myself what to do. Why there is no sentry at the post?.

Bloody hell! Itís so quiet here. Are you scared? I am. Thereís nothing to fear much. Donít be afraid and lie still. Death is a great relief. What? Nothing. Nobody! But they have been here the day before yesterday. What do we have to do now?.

Where is the HQ? How can we find it? Maybe we should go back? With him or without himÖ Stay here. Well, no Tribunal for a while? No Tribunal. Keep off! Or Iíll start shooting. - How many fighters you have? - Fighters? Here they are, my fighters. Bleeding to death. There were eleven in the morning, now only seven left. They should have been evacuated..

Yes, they should have been, but they were not. The staff packed and left. They left me only pure alcohol, but what can I do with it? Can I cure them with alcohol? You calm down, dear. Calm down. Explain what happened. The frontline moved forward, and the HQ was transferred ahead. Our medical company was ordered to occupy the dugouts and wait for rear units and the hospital. It's the second day of waiting..

Are you a doctor or a nurse? I used to be a surgeon. And now those bastards left me only alcohol. But soldiers keep dying, you know. Every day they are dying. Do not cry. Which of them is alive? Show me. This one? Dead. This one is alive..

This one is dead. - And this one? - Alive. - And this one, too. - Help me. What do you want to do? To carry them out into the fresh air. Here there isn't a breath of air. No good to keep them together with the dead. Come on. Atta boy. Lean on my shoulder. - Here. - Careful..

That's good. Come, dear. - Okay. - Right there. Closer to the fire. - Here, in the corner. - Come on. - He looks like not ours. - Heís ours. A perforating bullet wound. - How did you get wounded? - By a stray bullet. Doctor, is there something to ease pain? - Would you drink alcohol? - Yeah..

Pass me the mug. Come on. Drink at a gulp so as not to burn your throat. Good for you. Easy, easy. That's it. Okay. Now you feel better. Be patient. - Have you seen that one? - No. Tell me, dear, where could we get a sleigh and a horse - to take out the wounded? A sledge and a horse? Weíd harness ourselves, only if there were a sleigh..

In the neighboring village there were a sleigh and a horse, - but they ate it. - Is it far from here? If you go along the riverbank, it is not so far. But I canít drag it here by myself. Tell Petrusha to go with me. Petrusha is ill. You wait a bit, dear. Weíll think of something. There are some wounded left in the basement, Lieutenant. We need a sleigh to take them to hospital. Help us. Where is the HQ now?.

I donít know. It was transferred yesterday morning. - Where to? - To the front-line. Why didnít they think about us? - They donít need us? - No. - Neither you nor me? - Neither you nor me. You took a long way round on purpose! It's the war going on, Lieutenant. HQs are constantly moving from one place to another. How stupid it turned out! And what about the Tribunal?.

It could wait until some fine day. What can we do without it, eh? Come on, Lieutenant, letís help the wounded. Okay. This way. Come on, Lieutenant. I hold him. Put him on the canvas. - What is his name? - How do I know? I am Ivanov, Brigade Commander..

- You took me for somebody else. - No, Vladimir Mikhailovich. I will know you even from your back. - Heís delirious. - No, his is lucid. They donít speak so when delirious. - Good day, Brigade Commander! - Youíd better shut up, Ivanov. Letís go and bring the sleigh here, Petrusha. Your Petrusha canít go, dear. The lieutenant is going with you. Come on. Come on. There. - Let's go already. - Wait..

That wounded called you ìBrigade CommanderîÖ Heís delirious and confused me with someone else. But I heard the name ìVladimir Mikhailovichî. He mistook me for someone else. Does it mean that you live under an assumed name? Well, turn round and go. Now! People here are dying, and he plays an interrogator here. About turn and forward march! Execute your commission! You have only two hours for it. Go!.

Whippersnapper. Come on, Doctor, there are the living left there. Yes, Brigade Commander. I was strolling through a garden, A green garden, A green garden, And was looking for signs Of my dear one. Do you know him? Sure..

We were fighting together in 1941. A wise head, he saved the brigade and led us out of the encirclement. We were ready to kiss his feet, but the brass thought that we were traitors because we retreated. The brigade was disbanded and he was court-martialed..

How did he manage to survive? I am looking for my son. Did you see my Alyosha? My son left with you. Did you see my son, didnít you? His name is Alyosha. He left with you. Over there. - Holding out? - I am. Be patient,.

And your commander will get us out of this mess. Heís not my commander but a private soldier. But I think heís our commander. There are some Germans there. About fifteen men. Coming here. Out of the frying pan into the fire! We need to go away! Come on! - And what about them? - What? You can shoot them. You are used to this. Have they got some transport?.

No, only men. - In formation or in single file? - In single file. They go slowly and speak low and keep glancing back. Give me your map. - Maybe they will pass by? - Not likely. Looks like they fight their way out of encirclement. Well, here is the riverÖ Thereís no way but through this place. - How many men do we have? - Seven. - Who can fight? - I can..

If you turn me over on my stomach, - I'm ready. - Thatís good, Ivanov. - Me too, Brigade Commander. - Same with me. Doctor, remember that you must sit tight so as to survive and save the wounded. So when it will begin you sit tight. Got it? Shoot only if there is no other way. And if anything, move in that direction, along the riverbank. - Clear? - Yes, Brigade Commander..

- Thank you. - Don't mention it. What is your name? - Military physician 3d rankÖ - Your first name? Sofya... Sofya Borisovna. Well, Sofya, donít spend your last cartridge, okay? - Well, your task understood? - Yes, Brigade Commander. Hold on, brother. - Yes, sir. - They will appear soon. - Fifteen of them? - Yes..

Donít shoot until they come near, got it? Got it. - Whatís your name by the way? - Why do you ask? Well, if we survive I can solicitÖ - Solicit the Tribunal? - Yes. No! Quite the contrary. First you survive, whippersnapper, and then talk of this and that. Donít close your eyes when you start shooting. How is your wound? Bearable? Bearable. Thank you, Brigade Commander..

Come on. How did you call me before? I didnít. Well, continue in the same fashion. - Is it true? - What? That you are a Brigade Commander. It was true some time but not now. Have you run away, too? No, I wouldnít have dared. In 1941 we all were too simple. Nobody knew how to fight nor what a real war as..

We were not much better than you now. As much senseless. You were pardoned? No. They put me up against the wall. And? Then the Germans attacked with artillery, everybody scattered in panic, the firing squad did as well, and I got wounded when I ran through fire and smoke. I was running hither and thither not knowing what to do..

No tabs, no stripes, no papers. I was as confused as you are now. I was afraid of ours more than of the Germans. I wanted to fall in battle and to be done with it! There were neither the frontline nor the rear, just a mess. Many of our soldiers lay killed. So I took some soldierís ID and went onÖ Then I fainted from loss of blood and found myself lying on a cart. They took me to a front-line hospital and admitted under a borrowed name according to that soldierís ID..

I thought little of it because I wanted to return to the front. The rank and file doesnít live long. Well, but it's not the same with everybody: one wonít live, another wonít die. Meaning? Not much of a fighter I am. Half-blind from scurvy and too old but bullets are flying past me for two years already. I was to bring you to the Tribunal for you to have a chance to be sent to a penal battalion.

And thus survive. But if you were to be shotÖ I wanted to stand up beside you. It doesnít much matter to them how many fools are dispatched. Well, now you see what a tribunal we have got. My fate is flying from me again. That's it. - It's them? - It's them. - There's some church... - It looks quiet here. Easy. Donít shoot. Itís an ambush! Down!.

Outflank them! Damn! The Commander is killed! Get back! Forgive meÖ son. I failed to save you guys. ìVladimir Nikolaevich Smirnovî ìVladimir Ivanovich Smirnovî Are they relatives? No, namesakes..

Translated by Alexander Kormashov

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