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Опубликовано: 2018-12-28

Продолжительность: 01:48:37

Www.titlovi.com Timofej Tribuncev Sergej Fetisov in the film Nicholas delivered on MONAH I DEMON Translation: Jevstatije What's the matter? Upstairs! STA is if ukipio? Polij ga! Ko si ti i Ciji if?.

Ivan. Semjonov son. Why on fire? Because of the sins. -Are they so great? Bigger than a grasshopper and smaller than the ox nose. -So, you're almost a saint. For such there is no room. This is all a lot of sinners, as in the church at Easter day. From the Nilo-Sora desolation there. Skit is burned. Together with desolation? How havoc can burn? Pustoš I Nista, nihil. I think his head bishop. I'm not the bishop ... A znaš li da je senice more zapalila? -Kako to? Perom mahnula i zavrkutala. More gori. -Nisam se dosetio..

The wit is that I still will not outta. Go wash. And here's the first listening to hear at least sometimes with older rank. Rinse it. Here soap tar and washcloth. Black soap to wash white. Is that the way does not say with us? -I do not know. Ikos defiance and kontakion and so ... Do not you? Washed, not washed, if the skin of rot. A voda bleach, kapriciozna za punish mirišljavost posle opojnog pranja. A scented oils for rubbing, ginger and African lemons? AND? So there! Then get out of here! Venerable our father Varlaam was born in Veliky Novgorod.

Of devout and wealthy parents and holy baptism gets its name Alexios. Oca him Wahoo Mikhail. The name of the mother is not completely known. Gets a good education ... -ivana, Semjonov son. Good porridge? -Mrtvac said to good! I fell asleep, not breathing. -Take a plate and give him no more! Read, read ... What are you silent? -Age good education ... in fear Božijem be literate and, reaching a credit wisdom is easily penetrated in the sense of God's writings..

Another former child Alexios did not like games ... I did not want it to say. Porridge is really p-representative. General's porridge. In the inns and mountain to-serve. And you're in the pubs stayed? D-going to. And bitterness are safe places? Not once. Life is so bitter. I was there as a servant boy a year and a half, when no parent is preserved. While I did not invite the Lord to stranstvujem by ... the holy places. Where are you from originally? -From the famous city-sector. From IES? And to live ... the famous city of Torzhok?.

On holiday dishes at Pozharsky in IES. Roasted chops try and start on the path slightly. Then came one of us two prestoničnih writer. One long-haired bird face. The nose, like a beak. Another easy, as the wind and on the black person like. You order Pozharsky cutlets. You do not know what the bishop Pozharsky cutlet. ... cleaned chicken meat from bones. rolled in breadcrumbs and made not in the fire. Do not! Already steamed ... until completely browned. Eto donesem ja tim literatama kotlete..

And that the bird's face, in front of me pulled out a cutlet knife and cut him out of a scrap of blond hair ... And that he is black, zagrohotao and yelled at me: What does that bring a dirty mug? Are we looking to us to bring Jekaterininu wig? And I respond: It's not a wig. It is safe to chicken feathers ... And I remembered that cook our blond and the morning appeared the mournful state, because it has rejected the virgin, for which he had elevated feelings. I jesu li te išibali?.

No way. And I'd whip. Wet rod in the mouth and all your secret places. What are you silent? Read! -B-He was not rented, but heaven ... fasted and prayed. I njegovi Roditelj run also ožalošćeni njegovo neobičnim držanijem but their cup speeches could not stop userdije young venturer ... So in this way, John, Semjonov son. Yes, and in the blank feed, the more I will not. For you have enough Graz. If you want to stay in the holy family under God's right hand ... Then to fix it well for the monastery. You have two weeks..

The well is old, rusty. One, behind the fence. But in earlier times to healing. With us is the God of His grace and his philanthropy now and forever and ever. Amin! What is this b-brothers? Why such an ordeal? Go away from us. And what with a well? And he will be for me to-go? There is no military people would not have managed. Bottoms should scratch. To the bottom? And what do you think? To all the dirt out, must be to the bottom..

Ha! Samo to? Well is not this view, but only a well. It was monstrous, and it will become novgorodni! Hold the chain. I pour the water, here in one pit. And faster, or to the Second Coming of Christ will not be complete. A little three buckets. Another must! Your Eminence, Due to the dry summer and late autumn, This year we have accumulated 20 Pudov less mushrooms, than last ... and most of them grubby so so it is not possible to store supplies for the winter. What do you think, should I tell him about worms?.

If you need to weigh and cool consider timely, then you should not. But why? -Worms may undermine his power. Well, do the worms. Write to the new order. A cranberry we collected more than 60 boxes, as soon as the marshes dried up, and all that was devoured by a bear, which flourishes in the local forests and stealing from us, because the beast. Mission think, be thou him about the bear? If you need to weigh and cool thinking timely, then you should not. Why? It can put the bear on your account..

Then shift. Write on. And bees ... bees ... although Married almost two months, but all have brought the best lime for the July extracting ... that you and send you to the day of your name day and I pray for your Holy prayers. And also please the Greek holy oils and candles in exchange for wax I sent to you earlier. I sent to you earlier. And? If you need to assess and cool in a timely ... Yes and? Nothing of this can not be. It's hard to have anything to help..

Contact the year was excellent. Sunce is shining. The grass grew. -Zašto? Because the bad kind against your interests. They'll say poorly manage jobs and will send you to a distant diocese, away from the eyes. Okay, you've convinced me. The sun was shining. The grass grew. But for the holy oil and candles left. I was still new bell of him to ask. It is worth it? -If you need to rethink timely ... you only holy prayer. So it will be. Almost. How many times have I told not to go without question. What's over? Where? Well. The well was completed..

But ... how long has it been? Da tebe, bratac, demoni Muce do? Come on! Cute guide. Where is Ivan Semyonov son? Ivan, Semjonov bitch! Oh, here I am. Wha 'are you yelling? I can. And you why? She have a hot tea? They dajte mu heartbeat Lipe. Sutra of ispovedaš. Pričestiću this. What do you say? Not that well. At the illusion we smell..

Me too. You think well of suspicious? The visible world is only a reflection of real things, but not themselves. Compressors vu? It should be the Kelly look when it does. See if Ivan Semyonov son here. He is gone. I would confess ... caretaker. The point is that the n-not yell. Wait now. It took time to come. For what is repentant? -For everything. And if you think about it? There's no sin that which I have not tasted..

So all? Theft? Is that a sin in Russia? -Krivokletstvo? Deeper dig. The most terrible sin. What? Seduction widows and the poor? Oh most terrible sin I want to talk. Can I? Speak up. I have a love in my soul, neisterivu. The what? -K all. All things zemnoj, heaven, and underwater. Cricket ... see under foot, and my heart stumbled in grief. I go to him and renamed..

From machete neudomljenog JOŠ Udara srce gore. And the man? -For the man's terrible to say. I love it so that without it they can not live. Especially without the enemy of man. Hey ... Wait. Wait. Do your enemies, and do you like? And this weakness. And the enemies of the Church of Christ? -They special! Is not everything? No, not all. Another regret of unspeakable goodness. In the absence of greed. In forgiveness and wisdom. What? Wisdom. Such a state of mind. Specifically..

You felt when bishop? No, God spared me. And I constantly. I sit so near the window, I look at life nearby and I feel ... wisely! And anything with them I can do. Wisely and end. Forgive my sins bishop. Sins you can not forgive. You need not consider myself to be firing, not I to you. And on the service do not have to be mandatory. Go bratac, go! Where do I go? -A where you want, there and go. Here on the river go. The fish we catch and I will prepare for important guests..

Menu Archimandrite comes and the like. And I would have wanted to receive Holy Communion. -Not. You do not need. We do not need all this! Here baptism behind candlesticks and kissed enough. Enough. He's really gone? -Maločas. He picked up a stick and went to the river. But how it is featuring in keliji? No snotty? Do not snotty. Or trash flow adjuration. -Čime? -Mnogo is boisterous. Time strong shock, as if a millstone should be so wild whimper, and sometimes laughter. You got it? -That's what he said in the Life..

When God says the church, the devil is always near. An ordinary occurrence. This will suppress the occurrence. Any cadence in his monastery I will not let go. See if there which in his bed. Maybe peas stealing and hiding. Gle! To je .. To je š ... Immediately to me this son of a bitch! Menu! As Jonah was in the whale intestine, so will come here and keta salmon. What did you bratac so relaxed?.

Najneophodnijeg in the monastery there, candles and other things missing. The grip means. A distress in the soul? And this enough. And ... A vi odakle ... Vaše Preosveštensvo? -Iz Tomske gubernije. Kumandinski monastery of Santo Tomas Neverujećeg. You heard of him? E.. Yes. Chi ... I seem to remember. And to this guy ... one. You ... trifle. I want to pull the ear and let go. Hair cuts himself or others? Drugima. -Znaci, berberine..

Maybe. But he does it without their consent. For their spiritual benefit. Presumption of innocence. Is there such a presumption with you in the monastery? -MISCELLANEOUS here resides. But such have not yet met. And for me there. Successfully connect with the church constitution and Roman law, where this presumption is performed by the method of general induction. Yeah. And ... you will not tea with incense? I drink only fresh water. What's Terrace, Blessed John, igumane? What it destroy? Who are you?.

O Ivanu, Semjonovom yours. It is already almost a saint. The glory of it before it goes. From a young age the monasteries goes. Perform miracles. Look, there it canonize for fifteen hundred years. What will you say then? How are you going to sing? For fifteen hundred years, I will not say anything. Then others will say about you. He was, they say, the earth some limited abbot. At the world is told. Living people in the grave was told. He and forced. I would not if I were you excavated. What is? -Približio it yourself..

I would trust him trot, power. Saved would successor. You are no longer young. You can not all that seized. Sleep at night, and sleep a heart attack. And perhaps even worse, at a morning service on Easter. And here is ... a man to whom the you can always rely on. Your man. For your family will leak out all over the country. The monastery revenues will triple. But how? What here can be income?.

And for the country you forgotten? The landlords if you yourself submitted together with the villagers and forest. On the knees will kneel to their villages took. And in the woods do not forget, these rams head. It seems that the forest the most useless thing when standing. And what good is it? Only mosquitoes and predators. But when the forest falls down ... turns to gold. Wood are always at a price. Cut yourself - sell, and Ivana Semyonovich ask to whom to sell. On the east or west. He will tell you..

And you will not go wrong. Both will benefit from. The family'll have candles and of oil like chaff ... And instead of forests free freely. Only the wind goes there - here. There - here. Whew ... just so. Usedeo I was with you. It's my time to time. To kumanda not close. I Razu. Control ja Control. Control in gluper. Ali služba je služba. Goodbye. And what you yourself do not you take it? In kumanda? -Kumanda is ready, and he has not..

What he was in Panagia? What happened at Panagia? How Panagia to the lady? What a lady? Let the rich, thick. He says, I have an appointment. I did not know what to think, a lady in a man's monastery. Nonsense. Aporija Zenon. -da ti nisi drunk? And you smell her handkerchief. Accidentally dropped it. Do you feel? The mountain lavender. Water with suspension. Not for our out of the way. Sta je to? Zašto? You are looking for. In the glory of God..

A Ribetine sorry. It is not her fault. A leg with-why? In order not to return. And his mouth obstructed. Otherwise there are words to sink us. Open up. Wear it on the dock. Lord, who are the Way and the Life that you were a companion Ugodnik Your Joseph, travel, Bishop, with the use of Your Jovana, deliver him from every temptation and evil, to return to the peace and blessing filled. But to return to you in vain said. I hope that we will not be back..

Swim back. Miracle. In contrast to the mainstream. Terajte ga. Terajte ga do đavola. See, back again. It should not be articulate. And a handkerchief from his mouth does not need to practice. So with water druguješ? Then you'll know monitored. Čakšire na kišu pale, same sebe oprale. I thought so. There you will and live. Place the pan. I go out on my eyes, because I will fight. Wear it. What babbling fool?.

Is it a fire? -Worse. What am God punish these roads? Who will answer? Aleksandra Hristoforoviču, O my soul. Is it hereditary curse of Russia, or we will once with the help of the Supreme begin to live as a people? AND? Judging timely and inhuman reflect, ways we do not need, but even very harmful. I did not ask father. Your Majesty, it seems that our journey ends on irrelevant place. Gibnjevi were killed. And the wheel is in danger..

And I've always been against English springs. When it is so much in Russia brought? That's what I said a dozen Sea Turtle with leaf springs from London. So this monk is right? So we do not need roads and turtles with leaf springs? I would not say so. The monk was dark as soot. And that darkness will spread to all the educated strata. Get monks. We still live in enlightened times and bias layers are not in fashion. Where are your feet, here are our heads..

It has now to die of their patriotic feelings. This problem is solved very simply. Sets would mean old bastard? Now arise. Ko si ti? -Iguman. Teacher poor local villagers. -And why you fell on your knees? You think that's easy for me to talk to you? I do not think. I generally never think. What makes you different from my Ministers? By living in the middle of nowhere. CuO they Counts? Starčić truly drzak..

Ask if they have a man that could correct the English spring? You do not have a man who ... -No. And who are these then? That the Baptism. I do not care. Spring can fix it? My God, no. -Yes Yes. Judging by you, this is no springs, no roads are not needed. And why? Because if roads, then after them enemy pass. And right in the heart of Russia will come. Gle, gle Counts. Iguman pravu stvar govori. You have someone to listen..

Stripe. It will solve our problem. The air provinces. I love. Take our Holy Father. Should we break. Many we killed. What a wild fish? I've never seen such. Sit igumane. She lives in the local waters. God sent before the arrival of your Majesty. How it's called? -How it's called? Monsters ekzose. -Monstrus ekzoses. Add me Anri small piece of that ... MonstRus. Unexpected taste of your MonstRus..

Weird! And is there in your monastery some kind of miracles? Tajnstvena signs ... holy podvižnici ... prikaze ... vriskovi ... senke na zidu? Your Excellency. About ghosts and not fat. Just to survive winter cover without smoothing. That would be huge for us wonder. I travel by Russia ... and just listen: hunger, loggia harvest. Is our empire oskudela in mind? Are our fields abandoned and the land ceased to bear? And of all the wonders of broken English and springs to which a need to correct. Otkud to? KB I KRIV ?!.

There are in our monastery wonders. Large and unattainable. I say the truth igumane. I pred svojim imperatorom neću slagati. Rivers him obey, water is used. Great venturer. Who cover for igumane? Cocoa venturer? Nije on podvižnik i nije čudo. -A ko je on? Shah would know when! When the Savior by water walking, that it was a miracle! And here ... And here is the only raft went opposite course and ... But it is there on the raft were the core? Even steam ships ... and they are going against the tide with passion..

A common abortion ... Is not that a miracle? It's not a miracle. And what is the old well, blocked for an hour of dirt cleaned up? No wonder. And that burning and do not burn? And what fish to him alone swims, as to the apostles? No wonder! No wonder. No wonder. Now it will come to you. Are you saying even one word ... not only the monastery, but not the white world will never see. Just sit and hear. You got it? Sit down and shut up! Better and hold one's tongue than to say something. Leave us..

Ti and čudotvorac? The Lord has sent ordeal, springs to turtles are snapped. A! -A need someone to fix it. You seem to be literate? Can I have a look? Pčele na nebe on on on ... Do not take the compensation of fabric. What? From the kind of fabric? It is not explained. -Milostivi master. Let explain his pamphlet. And there is something in his words..

I do not take me. State takes for your needs. The whole world is like that. Fees from factory owners and traders. And if you do not take, for which we will then they? These I have to understand how the evil of them. Officialdom bribe, illegal forest cut. And that is God forbid pulp their hands, it is not a penny would be left. And Alexander Hristoforovič will confirm to steal! Daj Counts. Without praci, not bands coloration. (No pain no gain)..

What is this Aleksandra Hristoforoviču? But this is Russia in its true form. On what is this language? -On the bird. Audiencija is završiti Moze. Let's go from here, Your Majesty. No, wait. Interesting to me. He is not only a miracle worker. He is also a politician. He even started and that saliva. Ask him for some kind of miracle and end your thing. Can you fix the spring? What they repair their heads, repair bales..

In my, everything is clear. Let's go, Your Majesty. Neka raspreme. Ne budi pre 10. It will be carried out, Your Majesty. Write. Do you have what? I'll remember Your Majesty. Dictate. First: to reduce the number of peasants from the half to one-third of the total number of their cattle in the territory of the Russian Empire. Next: spare a state serfs own pieces of land. And what will the nobility say? -I'll be: "Glory to the ruler-emperor!" And if you say, he'll regret what they did not say..

Will there be something else? -Being. You're one of the founders of the "Society for the creation of double steamer", did not you? And your share is 100 000 silver rubles. Is it good? And what are the twin steamers, You'll explain? Necessary and useful thing for everybody. -I do not doubt. Same as your concern over the "second Russian of fire society ". But it is already inappropriate. You're the face state and commercial interests are here publicly superfluous. Why are these questions nickel right now? Because without praci not bands coloration..

I figure out what he had in mind. Without justice there is no reign. That's what he wanted to tell me. Without God's justice. Think about it my sweetheart. Better consider. When you write an application for resignation? -Whenever you want. Does your resignation can not be accepted. I do not have anyone to replace you. Come in. You asked me to wake you in 10 Your Majesty. Sea Turtle is ready. Ekspedicija is nastaviti Moze. -A gibnjevi? Celi. As if they never broke. KB I opravio? -Nisu rekli..

Bring water to wash. Let's go through the hour. Pushkin everywhere talk about your emperor Majesty with gratitude and deep devotion. However carefully monitored. Manastirski. Hvala Gumani. And where is the smith the spring improved? Do you own repairs? -A ... Gledaj me u oči! For hospitality thanks igumane. Hold on..

Give to the world from the laundry. And remember, no there is no justice reign. No monasteries there. Goodbye. Sik! -Pojasni thought. I believe, although it is absurd. What should I do? -Selection is difficult. Here you leave you can not. Because it is a stumbling block to the surrounding. Anatemski scandal. I can not reject anyone because its patron am the master-emperor. Conclusion? -Get him with his eyes, not sheltering. You went to great honor..

Rejoice. An honor not fat. Sit will not be. To look forward now or later? The joy for us is suffering, that our Lord has deigned. And as soon as he deigned me now? Deign and is going in a remote skit and life in the distance. Get ready. To watch go. Here, here is true. It's a gift from the master-emperor. Get off. Right here you will live. Once a week will make bread and MIH..

I behold you listen. See Suva trees? Mess. From dry and healthy forests rotting. Isećićeš we all dried tree and healthy'll numbered. Roman numerals or both? This is already your decision. More important is the number, header is irrelevant. This is the tenth such thing. Ground! -Teraj! Of course, not, "Savoie" ... not "Slavic Bazaar" but can live. From here we begin its rapid ascent..

Kings of the earth will not give away. A menu will be offered wipes. Ivane sine Semjonov, Ziv if? How are you bored. Get out, get out. Evaporate. I do not ... I can no longer look at you. It is good for your teeth. And helps with constipation. Everything is going great. Before taking off, followed by decline. I know your highs ... and I know what will happen next. This skit will burn ... and I'll have to look for a new monastery..

Takva I sudbina SHIV podvižnika. All curse, all persecutions, mass torturers. But we shall never surrender. We will organize a secret society and we will send custodian to my mother. T-hear, can not you see that none of n-no go. Cancel from me. There are real holy fathers. To them go. Around them is a busy place. They will not let me. There are such cuckolds ... more powerful horns. And what about me? You're promising. You know what the root of your ills? No settling in you..

Love has, but not appeasement. I do object to, do not you give me a character. So ... and subjugation of Satan and is appeasement? I told you, you will be the caretaker of the local monastery, means you will be! Uvešćeš new pravila, organizovaćeš komunu, grad sunca. Suffragists, sewing operations, emancipation of women than men, men from women. The emancipation of all of each. This song has to be. Pomegranate, Deri. A beautiful jezičinu, practicing. You know, stammering caretaker, and even without the serenity, sorry to tell you, sight..

What's that strange name Legion? I li neko to Vojnicko? Have you forgotten how about us talking? Ime I im Legion. You're the Christ knew? -I'm not. Baba knew. And what she was talking about? She liked him. Look liars. In a word ... the father of lies and every insolence. We only know that it is not the Messiah,.

More ... Speak God! I do not blame your mouth! And how do you like it if you said all you scoundrel drove in a herd of pigs i bacio with a slope? -P are you? We were bathed in the fire. Good. Continue to lie. What happened with you two thousand years ago? Judas is generally wanted uprising against Rome and Jesus is to persuade. Do you shvatam, Legione, kad Laz has kad n-do. You're a strange guy. Chu-odd..

You'll be weird when you and be so many years. In one I was wrong. Should the master cast bomb under his feet and already this year to create a republic. A ... umukni demon! Na pomazanika Božijeg bombu? -Upravo. But pity I was on him. Because of your career. Tebe hoću of proguram. -Oj ... Seme Jewess. I ... misfits! Kaine damn! And Satan, I'm sorry, Lord, what is it? Very effective manager..

Ali ti ga not volis, Legione? I hate it. For us this is so. Strange is this city. Hell. All hate each other, and live together. Z-why? I remember lying in bed, I just opened my eyes. And my mother, so gentle, but he himself curled horns and so sweetly: LEGIOS, should the pan hot, and she'll try cooled. I raise a piece of coal to sinners tortured and the lessons I learn by heart "The secret of lawlessness"..

And what is it, "Mystery of Iniquity"? Can you find out? Go to sleep. Tomorrow we think to destroy the world. Get it, get up. Get cold food. Will fu-building pate? Baked goose filled with Greek nuts? Mmm. Moj savet. Lambskin loin, smoked eel, uhvaćena in Tiveriadskom lake. Dezert, krem ​​burns, torta "Blanmanže". Later, pray later..

Prayer is waiting, and the food is not. So with us in Hell saying. Ah ... a glass of wine does not kill the head. Will you Vanja? I do not ... I do not drink. Do not drink just in heaven. And here, just bring it to the Russians. Tasty? -H-nutritious. Are you going to have breakfast with me? I will not. Come on, sign. -What is it? Complained custodian Holy Synod. It has to be anonymous. Podlom slander and lies. You agree?.

Anonymous p-signed by baptism. Baptism - the angels of peace, baptism - demons boil. Oh, Vanya, Vanya ... What they say themselves ukopavaš. So this Vanjek. You're going to celebrate Mammon, Herod, Simona čarobnjaka... i Lukreciju Bordžiju. Lucrece not-I. And who are you going? Virgin will. -Bogorodicu not be Vanja. She, here without you celebrate. A poor Lucrece there once. You know how it troubling there, deliberately department? Whatever. I will not..

How is it? It is not cold? Goodbye, Vanjence donkey, I'll see you in the next world. Opet Where are you confusing you is not the city. What are you so boring old man, huh? Probably the old man was right. If you'd like to now burned, he would become a true saint. And this is not all yet lost. Perhaps this turn, I catch you at a disadvantage. You are not burned Vanja? I did not succeed. Come to this release..

Why do you torment me, Lord? Why their anger Palis? All I am ready to bear all survive. To wear a baptism in your glory, you would not know what the meaning of the suffering of my. Zašto me opseda demon? I can not get it out, and not succeeding me not to go away from him. What is your wisdom? What is the idea? Where are you taking me-seeing and čovekoljupče? Healthy trees are numbered, entered in the register and cadastre. Old as by sawing, no ticks not komraca, beasts tethered. Will be even listening?.

Krsna force with us, Krsna force with us. Come listen! The job evangelists themselves, out of work do not grieve. Forest as a pair. No forest, no pair. This is not-not me ... In-bishop! Not me! This is the second ... g-govori! Drugi. Look, I get up from the ground. You'll catch cold. I do not know what to cheer you up. So good. Will you to make you emperor of the earth?.

Did you? No, do not answer. Then I do not know what to suggest. I have, of course, another option. Will you look to the eternal city? Rome, that is not? -Fools, Jerusalem. At the Holy Land? -That people say, ali mi ti smatramo preuveličavanjem. Water. And you've thought it through? In Jerusalem, the temple-G Sepulcher. A ti mi if these pokloniti? P-pokloniću..

I'll hand over the soul? -Uzimaj. For this purpose, but must fly. The mainland is far away. After-the sky ... fly ... not as a man to turn. Is not it? -Odavno never flown. When thou art with you two-legged, big secrets forget. Come mess. I will not stand -Držanje is my concern. Both hands catch. Otherwise you landed from the sky like Danica, niko te neće vasrksnuti. -A... a... a... I'm flying, I'm flying..

LEGIOS, what is this inhuman beauty? ... Will the gods of some sort, but not ours. All the gods are like each other. Only your anyone not like. Do you ... I do not know where to fly? You see, Vanya, I personally never in the Holy Land was not. Does not correspond to us really. Do not promise you, never in my life would not there. I got it. We're a little flooded. You need to go back. Mi ... Mi na rogove letimo! This is Jerusalem? Jerusalem, Vanja..

It offers you to buy nails which Jesus was nailed to the cross. Why were so many? This is a piece of the cross on which he was crucified Savior. D-tree is fresh. Feel free him well guarded. No wonder Vanja. United sacred. Wreath with Calvary. Are you going to buy? With real thorns! Comb women Pontius Pilate. We take? This is not Jerusalem. This is really Jerusalem. The right turn from the crowd. Look how many of you is possessed. Take me back home..

Vanya, what's wrong? You want to break your word? I changed ... I was. For holy is not allowed, for the Fool for Christ's weird. I'm sort of thing took place, I brought you into Jerusalem. Maintain and yours. I do not see that there will not ever get in? Every crowd is a man around. Sit down here, I'll quickly. There must be beaten Russia. Beaten Russia, freak one, is not of this world. Russia, another mine. Who is all jackal another. But this ... well beat him. There he is. Cluttered, Vanja, a mess..

Do husband, sad Cemo srediti. Here now is better. And this is what? Mozes li sit? Do not over do that, Vanja. And what they H-Christ trade? And thus to trade Vanja? Sand or figs? True, in these countries runs black blood. For 100 years it will be worth gold, but they do not know now. Cuj, the da ... letimo Kuci? That's what I do not mind. All I arranged it. How to go in this condition?.

Look at this as asceticism. You look like you fasted, and as not eat. A pieces are there in real time. You're not going popadija in guests, but getting ready to go to the Lord I Grob head sad. I'm proud of. In an hour you will be transformed. And I'm going now. It should themselves in turn lead. Yet the big city. When shall I be in it? Never willingly. I already do not work. Moram da ditto na namaz. Kako da sisam? -Do šišaj strugaj VEC. Pyramid or the nail? -A to wear this season?.

I would advise the pyramid. -Can. And you like that you're not surprised. And what would be surprised? All kinds of walk by here, in Jerusalem! What all you will see. Whether people, whether the satyrs! Weather sorry, but you're not ready. I changed my mind. Anywhere I go. Listen fallen soul. This is your unique opportunity to touch it what every Christian imagination. To me it does not matter! We do not worship stones!.

We have another via throttle! And you are another matter. Vanja, maintain human thing. Even my own demonic hold. Although I find it hard here. I feel that he walked here. Come, but not for long. -I will not go, he goes. Go Vanja. I will not go on .... Let's go together! Are you insane? -Together, I told you. Otherwise, it will not by-bow to you. Vanja ... although I'm your friend. And even more and sworn enemy. I can not, it's not advisable. -Together!.

Hear me dear man, he needs a doctor. It is not clouded. Vara mirror, not in life is harder to breathe. In the synagogue should be sent, there is a doctor rabbi, may he help. Kaljuška, run to the synagogue. Tell him Nikolaj sent. We have a corpse. LEGIOS, dear, are you alive? Mozes li sit? A RUKU that digneš? There paralysis. I'll give you the chariot. How to cure him?.

Go into the holy places, in the garden of Gethsemane. Then to the Dead Sea. There is mud good for the bones. By far it is? -What kind of about. Nature is pure, life does not grasp. To go LEGIOS? You want the Dead Sea? Mhm. -Hoće. Rabbi will not come, have Sabbath. It is interesting to me to know where it goes dead devil? In paradise. -Večno bliss? Why so? That's for you bliss,.

But for us the terrible horror. Again you're lying? If you do not, do not listen. True Stories, the first time. If you're so istinoljubac, then we find out the secret of lawlessness? I'd like to give me tongue tangle-free. And I ceased to stutter. I hramljanje passed. A Kakvo I Mrtvo more? -Neživo. A fish? -Umesto fish my cousins ​​at the bottom lie. By whose line? -After father. In Sodom is our much either..

Znači mid sodomitima idea? -Njihovom prahu. They are dead, but their work lives. A da si ti Legioša, slučajno nisi nikada time sprdao? Never. So I am the deceased. A pate are devoured. -You'm tempted. Now Got it as Christ walked on water? You Sat čekao you. He is not the Dead Sea walk, but after Tiveriadskom lake. You're lying again. I do not lie, but lažuckam. How do you feel? -Still not exactly..

Mozes li to fly? And ... I'll try. Onda bolje da se pomolim. It will be stronger than your invocations. A strange prayer. To pray? I will not. And you at least listen. Lord, I do not know what to ask You. These I know what I need. Do you love me more than I do what I can to love even himself. Give thy rabu what I was not allowed to ask. I can not please no coffin, no consolation, but I stand before You..

My heart was discovered. You see the need for that either do not know. View and so by the grace of Thy. Do with me what you will. -Thats how you do it. I sense from the world by your will, before incomprehensible for me rethink yours. Prinosim sebe u žrtvu Tebi. Teach me to pray, I pray through me. Amin. Now try it. Prayer is turned on. I can not even stand it. What do we do LEGIOS? As people work, go by boat..

By boat? For ship steam need. Is there anything in your stash? -Slamarica as sedge, the other is yours. Here gold timer "bank". My father was before death sold. A ring emperor? A gift of the Emperor? Do you? Then you will live in the Holy Land forever. The poverty and demon becoming a monk. It can not be removed. It must be an affection. I have a bad feeling. -Predosećanja are superstition and nonsense. Vera - of which man lives! So you want to know the secret of lawlessness, Vanya?.

Now, not really. And I'll still say. You do not like and you will be disliked. When you is all wrong. Vanja, but what if the demon wanted in God's fold? You're the manager of evil and suddenly you're not a good start to do. And could you take on repentance of the demons? You can calm repentance and to justify the Day of Judgment. And how is that? Stop three years in one place face to the east. And day and night groan. Bože, pomiluj mja, zlobu drevnu. Bože, pomiluj mja, prelest pomračenu..

God, have mercy mja, reluctance devastated. Are you after the Holy City Christian Church afraid? People are good, not evil. Here stands before you the enemy of the human race. unbaptized, but the calm power of God in the holy city of Jerusalem. Help, which you can. A devil will not obliged to remain, will serve you not faith, but the truth. And without God's permission you will not touch. Where did you dragged? -From Palestine, your blagorodije. From Palestine? A passport do you have?.

Kuzma Aleksejeviču... Kuzma Aleksejevič, I brought my way for it. What of it? -Togo they do not have a passport, Suspicious are unreliable in every sense. They must have raised their mail. And what they thought? So ask are. If the mail robbed što prose? We do not know. -Call. What they are not baptized? It's not allowed him. If you were not a Jew? Almost, but not quite..

You robbed a post at the station? And what to take, my hands are silenced. Here, here, warm up your hands. To you? Exactly your blagorodije. Guilty as charged. I told you. I crooks on the type of smell. Ma on two machine together not by birth video! A mare peasants Zaharkina at Christmas you stole? Guilty as charged. A virgin Smoljjaninovu you raped before Christmas?.

Guilty as charged. Ask him if not for the destruction of Pompeii? And Pompey are destroyed, Strangler? Guilty himself. Ma religion him is that everything takes over. It should say stupid religion. -What is your name? Ivan Semyonov son. From citizenship. If you are from the public, then you can and you're lying? Enough, testing is complete. Fedotova! Spank both for vagrancy. And this ... of citizens especially for taking on himself and contempt of authority. I let him settle in custody until the morning. -Go..

Even if they die from the cold, they should bury. Pull your shirt. To je policmestr prošao. This general-governor goes. And this is I master-emperor Nikolai Pavlovich. He's gone. Now you. I'm dying malice, dear man. Do naređuj mid Vaško. I am you and pop and sacristan, and the Holy Synod. How's your bad drug? Water you in a bucket if you get thirsty. A necessity in the bath..

Does not work. Does not work. Angry the death of the wicked. Vanya, do not settle down, do you? You remember how we met, Vanya? You went after the morning service, you were a child and you cried. And every one of your tears has been valuable as a diamond. And I saw that the new saint in Russia for 10-20 year plant, as soon as the service so felt. A seed Vanja can only be in conflict with me. The angels sing. -What angels? Where ?!.

Do not scare me Vanja! With me you better. Otherwise these crucified or burned alive. I am of this martyr's death guarding. They're like birds. Bright. Pigeons mine. A evo i Majčica ... -Prekini Vanja! It su išibali you like. Did not your mother but you see? -Presveta Madonna. Oh, you die Vanja. Wait Vanya. Do not settle. To die and be born, not to wait. Saint goes. Help!.

Bastards! People! Nastojnika p-pozovi. Ko si ti? -On me z... zna. Ko so? People you in m-monastery need? Born. -A r-Radnici? What do you understand? Everything. And the toilet to clean? Not this cadence? Very doubtful. What do they call? Lj ... The ... Legion..

Latin affairs. With me you'll be Lazarus. Lives. Without the city will not be. There are jobs, in the laundry. It was one with us. It is well cleaned, although it was a bit strange. He is ... God is the judge. Now go, I wash. Take it. Let the old man. At some remind me. Primate monastery in whoever comes. Every scum and purely..

Peas, peas ... Latin understand, and Christ you can not understand. That might not be by French kings here to call you? If I do not receive this merely, why am I here? What's all this? Not everything is sacred, what is in a book loaded. Taken from www.titlovi.com



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